5 magic science experiments for kids

These tricks will make your children think they have superpowers—but it’s really all about the science.

When Rachel Díaz of Culver City, California, “magically” refilled a soda can for her son, the nine-year-old’s first words were “Cool!” And then: “How’d you do that?”

Science-based magic tricks stand out not just for being fun but for sparking interest in the science that makes the trick happen. “Making science fun is essential to creating the most important aspect of learning: desire,” says Steve Hinkley, president and CEO of the Adventure Science Center in Nashville, Tennessee. “When children find joy in something, they seek more of it.”

Studies show that students in science and math learn best when they participate in the lesson. These simple “magic tricks” help children understand scientific topics by learning how each trick works. Abracadabra … you’ve made fear of science disappear!

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