5 science experiments kids can do on themselves

These hands-on STEM activities will show children how the human body works.

Kids won’t need beakers and microscopes for these biology experiments—they just need themselves!

Each of these five experiments lets children discover how a human body system works. And by doing these "tests" on their own bodies, they’ll get to see and feel exactly how their own systems function. (We promise it’s safe.)

"Going through the process of physically doing something gets people more excited than just reading about it or watching someone else do it," says Evan Barnes, a biology instructor and lab coordinator at Westmont College in Santa Barbara, California. Challenge your kids to experiment on themselves with these activities—and watch them be wowed.

What to do: Have your kid stand with his legs straight and try to jump. Then have him bend his knees and jump again. This time he’ll probably be more successful!

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