Here's how kids can take bird photographs like a pro.

These tips from our experts will help children's creativity take flight.

Most kids will never see a wolf pack in their backyard or an otter in their neighborhood creek. But birds? They’re everywhere—and that’s why they make great photography subjects for children.

Not that birds are the easiest things to photograph—they’re small, have faraway perches, and tend to, well, fly away. But naturalist and wildlife photographer Lucas Bustamante says that by simply being curious about the fliers, kids will increase their chances of snapping great pics. Plus, focusing on birds can help kids focus on other natural surroundings as well.

“If we activate the naturalists we have inside, we activate and wake up our senses that normally we might miss in our fast and busy lifestyles,” he says. Here are some “cardinal rules” (pun intended) for helping kids snap some great shots of the highfliers.

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