Here's how kids can take wildlife photographs like a Nat Geo pro

These tips from our experts will open up children’s eyes to nature.

There may not be a lioness taking down an antelope or a humpback whale breaching in your backyard, but kids can still capture stunning wildlife photography just beyond your kitchen window. And it’s a great way to instill an appreciation for the natural world in children.

“Photography opens a child’s eyes,” says Suzi Eszterhas, who’s captured images of cheetahs, lion cubs, and sloths. “By constantly noticing the beauty in the world through their photographs every single day, it opens that door to a secret world that we don’t notice when we tune things out.”

Before handing over your smartphone or camera, Eszterhas suggests establishing some ground rules. First, keep kids from getting too close to their wild subjects. (Any critter can be unpredictable when spooked, even the cute ones). Discourage them from creeping up on baby birds or fawns, since that might keep mama away. And advise children that if an animal stops what it’s doing because they’re around, the kids are probably alarming it.

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