Here’s how to take at-home photos like a Nat Geo photographer

Get kids adventuring around the house with these pro photo tips.

Even if your vacation is going to be more of a "staycation," your family can still use the same skills that National Geographic photographers use to explore and document your backyard, home, or even just the bedroom.

Being in the right place at the right time and having close-up access to your family is what home photography is all about. Plus, familiar places can seem as exotic as a deep jungle or lofty peak when you see it with fresh eyes, which is what professional photographers do every moment they’re on the job. “What seems utterly ordinary to you is in fact a slice of the cultural life of your world,” Nat Geo photographer Catherine Karnow says.

You don’t need anything more than a camera phone to get started. Then have kids think carefully about what each member of your family likes to do. Does someone obsess over puzzles? Bake bread? Dance like a K-pop star?

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