How video games can help kids socialize

All that screen time might actually be good for your children.

Every day, Tallulah King checks in with a pal from San Diego she met playing the game "Adopt Me!" on Roblox. “We say good morning,” says the fifth grader from San Francisco. “We say good night. It’s just satisfying to know he’s out there. My best friends are my Roblox friends.”

Tallulah’s dad, Shane King, was skeptical at first of his daughter’s time playing Roblox. Like a lot of parents, he was concerned about screen time and everything that goes with it. But something Tallulah said made him change his mind.

“We have a secular grace before dinner,” King says. “And she said that she was grateful for her friends on Roblox. I actually started to feel like it was unfair of me to deprive her of her friends by being so strict about gaming.”

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