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In one of the photos for sale to help the Sherpa community, a Buddhist monk holds a mala (prayer beads).


5 Ways to Help the Sherpas of Everest

Here are some ways to assist Sherpa families, including those affected by the avalanche.

The deaths of 16 Sherpas in the April 18 avalanche on Mount Everest have spurred an outpouring of sympathy, particularly in the climbing community. Many people are looking for ways to help.

These five nonprofit campaigns assist Sherpa communities in Nepal. Some are raising money directly for victims of the recent tragedy:

Individual donors can help this foundation, which has been teaching Sherpas mountaineering skills since 2003, by purchasing photos of the Everest region and its people donated by professional photographers, including National Geographic's Aaron Huey. (To see and purchase photos, click here.) All of the proceeds will go to the Sherpa community.

This nonprofit will match donations (up to $1,000) to the Himalayan Trust to provide scholarships to children impacted by the tragedy.

This fund, started by mountain guides Dave Morton and Melissa Arnot, "provides assistance to individuals, families and communities in underserved countries adversely impacted by their work for the mountain-based adventure industry," the fund's website says.

The American Alpine Club created this fund in the wake of the avalanche specifically to help victims. The website says "the AAC is working to identify the necessary partners and guidelines to most efficiently and effectively distribute these generous gifts."

This fund finances education for Sherpa students in the Khumbu region near Mount Everest.