How Much Do You Know About the Titanic, 31 Years After Its Discovery?

Test your knowledge of the famous ship.

The Titanic is one of the most famous international disasters. Even a century later, the story of the luxury liner that struck an iceberg continues to find its way into pop culture. The ship has inspired several films, the first of which was released only a month after the disaster (its writer and star, Dorothy Gibbon, was a Titanic survivor herself).

For decades, the Titanic lay undisturbed at the bottom of the Atlantic. Then, on September 1, 1985, ocean explorer Robert Ballard discovered its remains. Since then, Ballard (who is a National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence) has advocated for the ship’s preservation. On the anniversary of Ballard’s discovery, see how much you know about the ship and its fateful voyage.

Watch Robert Ballard talk about finding the Titanic and preserving its legacy.