Discover 21 of the world’s most spectacular staircases

These staircases aren’t just a means of movement—they’re dramatic works of art.

A practical creation that transports you from one destination to the next, stairs rarely garner much attention beyond being cumbersome to climb. But staircases are one of the oldest architectural creations, dating to the second millennium B.C. Ancient steps provided strategic ways to traverse rough terrain, and some believed they connected Earth to the heavens.

But artists and designers throughout the ages have transformed stairs beyond mere functionality. With towering spirals, daring designs, and classic ornaments, staircases have become statement pieces and dramatic works of art that are destinations in their own right. (See 24 unconventional art destinations around the world)

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Starlight Williams is an editorial researcher and writer at National Geographic. Follow her on Twitter @star_lightw and Instagram @starlightwilliams.