These amazing photos will inspire your travels in 2020

Nat Geo Your Shot photographers capture 50 global destinations perfect for your next big adventure.

A volcanic lake in Indonesia. Swimming with dolphins in Mauritius. A late-night ramen shop in Tokyo. Hay bales in Italy. The images in this gallery are far from ordinary, even if they depict a place that seems mundane. With these 50 photographs, National Geographic Your Shot community members prove that moments of extraordinary beauty and meaning can be found everywhere and anywhere.

“These images evoke wonder and surprise about our world, from India to Iceland,” says National Geographic Travel photo editor Brendan McCabe. “The photos we selected convey a sense of place by combining color, composition, and surprising locations to elicit an emotion.”

McCabe based his picks on photos submitted to Your Shot, National Geographic’s photo community on Instagram, where 2.8 million followers share daily their best work with our editors. Each day, Your Shot features a new photo from our global community. Your Shot’s mission is to tell stories collaboratively with our photographers while sharing an educational and welcoming space for anyone to improve their photography. Most of these 50 selections were curated from some 800,000 photo uploads in 2019 from photographers around the world. Their images always display an impressive variety of photographic styles and points of view.

Above all, the photos capture the thrill of traveling. Use these images as inspiration for planning a New Year filled with adventure. Follow Your Shot on Instagram for the latest submissions and news about the community. Then start packing your bags.

Cait Etherton is a Virginia-based writer and frequent contributor to National Geographic Travel. Follow her journey on Twitter.