25 World Monuments in Danger

Armed conflict, climate change, and natural disaster threaten some of humankind's grandest acheivements.

Some of the greatest acheivments of humankind have miraculously escaped the ravages of time, but they remain more susceptible than ever. Across the globe, armed conflict reduces cultural heritage sites to rubble, hurricanes and earthquakes alter the faces of cities, and the rising sea slowly creeps up coastlines.

This week the World Monuments Fund (WMF) announced the 2018 World Monuments Watch, which brings attention and resources to 25 imperiled cultural heritage sites that date from prehistory to the 20th century.

“By building an international coalition, the World Monuments Watch protects both the sites themselves and the shared history they embody,” said Joshua David, President and CEO of WMF in a press release. “Sites like the 25 on the 2018 Watch are where we come together as citizens of the world and renew our commitments to justice, culture, peace, and understanding.”