Photograph by Bachir Badaoui, National Geographic Your Shot
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Point Reyes National Seashore

A beautiful hike into chimney rock reveals stunning views. At the bottom of the sea cliff are hundreds of sea lions undisturbed by human activity. “I often come to this place for two reasons: mediation and to let the world go by,” photographer Bachir Badaoui says.

Photograph by Bachir Badaoui, National Geographic Your Shot

What Happy Travel Looks Like

We asked Nat Geo Your Shot photographers to show us the places that make them happy travelers among destinations near and far. Here are our favorite photos.

This summer Nat Geo Travel is celebrating happiness with our newest issue of Traveler magazine. What better way is there to share happy visions than with photography? We asked the Your Shot community to share photos of stunning landscapes, streaking light, and sunny moments—whatever makes them travel happy. Take a trip with us through our editors' favorite photos.

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San Francisco, California

A puppy pauses in the warm morning light at the Golden Gate strait.

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Surin, Thailand

Elephants take a walk in the early morning. “I like the way the rays are passing through their legs,” says Prasad Ambati.

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Moalboal, Philippines

Shoaling sardines is a spectacular event that happens daily by the shoreline of Moalboal. Here, a scuba diver experiences the awe of shoaling as a massive group of fish surrounds him.