Top 10 Castles of Europe

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to live in a real-life fairytale? Ponder no more.

At least once in our lives we’ve twirled in a glittery dress and tiara, or tussled with fire-breathing dragons from a crenulated tower. Indoctrinated by bedtime stories of our youth, we’d close our eyes and wonder where those horse-drawn carriages went when they turned right at happily-ever-after. Now all grown up, we can still dream a little thanks to storybook abodes that really do exist, especially in Europe where hundreds of well-preserved castles dot enchanted landscapes. Here are ten that live up to our fairytale fantasies.

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Kimberley Lovato is a freelance journalist and author based in San Francisco who spends most days planning trips to faraway lands and dreaming of happily ever after. Follow her @kimberleylovato and on her website.