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May/June 2008
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Tours of a Lifetime
Photo by Andrew Parkinson/ Lonely Planet Images
Photo: Indian elephant in the Rapti River, Nepal
An Indian elephant takes a sunset bath in the Rapti River in  Nepal.

When we started this annual roundup of the world's top guided tours three years ago, we sought to bring readers the most transformative, sustainable, and authentic experiences. To our delight, there's no shortage of companies that share our philosophy. Whether it's staring down a king penguin in Antarctica, sharing mole with a Oaxacan family, or watching your kids in a pickup soccer game in Sardinia, this is the sort of travel that will stick with you. We hope our 2008 picks get you inspired. To view past winners, click here.

"Land of the Eagles: Albania"
Andante Travels

The Americas
"Along the Americas' Coasts"
Maris Freighter & Specialty Cruises

"Icebergs & Emperors-Mawson's Antarctica"
Aurora Expeditions

"Arnhem Land Marine Rescue Project"
World Expeditions

"Australian Dreamtime: Billabongs, Beaches & the Bush"
Ker & Downey

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"Hidden Treasures of Bhutan"
Geographic Expeditions

"Cultural Crossroads, Bulgaria"
Country Walkers

"Project Cambodia"
G.A.P Adventures and Globe Aware

"CapeRace Eco-Culture Experience"
CapeRace Cultural Adventures

"Royal Canadian Rockies Experience"
Royal Canadian Pacific

"Sailing the Southern Caribbean: An Epic Sojourn Aboard Sea Cloud II"
Lindblad Expeditions

"Immersion with the Tribes of the Aini and Wa; Beijing to Simao, Yunnan"
A Bridge to China

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"Andes to Amazon, Ecuador"
BikeHike Adventures

"Volunteer Galápagos"
Myths and Mountains

"Exclusively Yours Egypt"
African Travel Inc.

Georgia and Armenia
"Mountains & Monasteries, Georgia and Armenia"
MIR Corporation

"Great Green Guyana"
Journeys International

"Family India"
Greaves Tours

"Heritage India"
Cox & Kings

"Sea Kayaking Ireland, The Northwest Coast of County Donegal"

"Sardegna Multi-Sport Adventure, Italy"
Ciclismo Classico

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"Food Lovers Japan"
Intrepid Travel

"Tribes and Trails of Kenya"
Sierra Club Outings

"Mauritania: Sahara Desert Expedition: Journey into the Land of the Moors"
Wilderness Travel

"Oaxaca Up Close: Living the Day of the Dead"
Culture Xplorers

"Sierra Spectacular by Private Railcar, Mexico"
Canyon Travel

Middle East
"Caravan Cities of the Ancient Near East"
Martin Randall Travel

"Namibia Desert Rhino Expedition: A Trails Exploration"
Wilderness Safaris

"Himalayan Tree Planting Trek"
Journeys International

New Zealand
"New Zealand Discovery"
Mountain Travel Sobek

North and South Korea
"Contrasting Koreas"
Snow Lion Expeditions

"Lofoten Multi-Adventure, Norway"
Crossing Latitudes

"Palau: Oceania Odyssey"
Boundless Journeys

"Coiba Island: The Hidden Dive Secret of the Decade, Panama"
Wild Planet Adventures

"Futaleufu Explorer"
Bio Bio Expeditions

Russia and Mongolia
"Russia and Mongolia Overland"
Dragoman Overland

Seychelles and South Africa
"Surf and Turf, Seychelles and South Africa"

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"Explorers Safari, Tanzania"
Thomson Safaris

Tanzania and Kenya
"Four Volcanoes: Mount Kenya, Kilimanjaro, Mount Meru, Ol Doinyo Lengai"
Adventures Within Reach

"The Family to Family Safari, Kenya and Tanzania"
Micato Safaris

"Family Adventure, Thailand"
Absolute Travel

"Tibet: Journey to the Highest Himalaya"
National Geographic Expeditions

"Tunisia's Sahara and Oasis Trail"
Cross Country International Equestrian Vacations

United States

"San Francisco to the Wine Country"
Wine Country Trekking

"Southwest Safari Camp: The Other Chaco Canyon"
Southwest Ed-ventures

"Superlative Idaho"
ROW Adventures

Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan
"The Chaktal River, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan"
Mountain Travel Sobek

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For more information on the countries visited by these tours, see our Destination TripMarks.

Read about How to Pick the Right Tour Operator.

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