How ‘Pandemic TV’ boosts kids’ emotional IQ at a critical moment

New shows help children cope with their feelings—and connect with others—while socially distanced

A few months into Toronto’s pandemic shutdown, Sarah Hammond was on the hunt for something to fulfill her kids’ social needs while they were stuck at home. That’s when the public school teacher and mother of two discovered Lockdown, a YouTube Original series about a group of friends who use Zoom, texts, and webcams to solve a mystery despite being socially distanced. Bingo.

“My kids love it because it teaches that even though we’re separated and we’re in our own individual places, there are still ways for social interaction and connection—which kids so desperately need now,” Hammond says. 

According to Axios, kids’ screen time is up 50 percent from pre-pandemic times. To ward off the dreaded “COVID slide”—and maybe to relieve their own guilt—many parents have sought out educational media designed to keep kids at grade level, or even teacher-created videos televised on local TV stations.

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