How to keep kids social during a time of social distancing

Running out of ideas that involve kids endlessly video-chatting with friends? Here are some ideas for deeper connections.

Editor’s note: Staying connected these days often means relying on technology and social media. If your child is under 13 years old, always make sure that they’re communicating only from accounts established by an adult family member and that the child is monitored closely.

Your child’s school has been closed for two weeks, and everyone’s starting to go stir-crazy. She’s begging for a playdate, and her friend next door seems healthy. You know you’re supposed to practice social distancing, but the local park is pretty big to move around in. Could it really hurt to head out with a friend just this once?

Unfortunately, the answer is pretty clear. Although doctors think that children who contract coronavirus often won’t be as affected as adults, they can still be carriers, and therefore infect other people. Some studies suggest that the virus can be transmitted before symptoms appear, making it even more important to follow the rules. “The goal here is to create space between people to

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