Resolve to save the Earth

Five New Year's resolutions families can do together to help save the Earth

The new year is here—and so is your chance to make eco-friendly resolutions your whole family can get behind.

Of course, we all know how successful most New Year’s resolutions are. That’s why making resolutions as a family can be so powerful. “When people pledge together, they’re more likely to follow through because everyone's keeping an eye on everyone else," says sustainability expert Jessian Choy, founder of the green tips website Try posting your resolution where everyone will see it—like on the fridge or beside the computer—and have everyone sign it. Just be prepared for some major shaming from your kids when you lapse! Says Choy: "Kids will likely have fun saying, 'Didn't you say you would ...?'"

Need some ideas for family-friendly resolutions that will help protect the Earth? Here are five ideas for your clan to try.

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