What to do now that kids are 'back in school'

Advice from parents and teachers on how to smooth out the still-new process of learning from home

Last week, when 14-year-old Karl got a glimpse of the work his teacher had uploaded to the online learning platform Canvas, his mother said he had a bit of a panic attack.

“He freaked out and didn’t know how he was going to get it all done,” says Christine Schofield of Sebastian, Florida. “But we just emailed his teacher, and she replied with: no deadline, no penalties for late work, and that the parents and teachers and students are all learning this together.” Soon her now-calmed-down son could refocus and get back to his algebra and Spanish.

Over the past few weeks, many schools have implemented some semblance of formal online learning in order to get kids “back to school.” But parents are still figuring out what that means for their daily lives. An accessible, responsive teacher definitely helps them navigate the new normal of at-home learning. But many challenges remain.

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