Train your kids to be more creative

Creative children are often better problem solvers and more resilient. Here’s how to develop those skills.

Every evening, Ryeson and his parents walk in what the six-year-old calls “the hidden woods,” a tree-filled stretch of road where he searches for a special stick. “Sometimes it’s a magic wand, other times it’s a sword or a stirring spoon to make soup,” mom Shana Bull says.

Research shows that children are naturally creative from a young age. And education experts and scientists agree that children who remain creative have shown to be better problem solvers and innovators; they also tend to be less anxious and more resilient, with a greater ability to express their feelings.

“The more a child believes in their powers of creativity, the more they believe that whatever happens to them, they can overcome it because they can figure out a way to survive,” says Angus Fletcher, professor of story science at Ohio State University’s Project Narrative.

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